RyCell Active Die Vitalstoff-Praline

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A natural remedy to prevent irksome ticks from getting on your dog.

Ticks become active from temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius. Dogs that like to roam through woods and fields are very likely to catch these small bloodsuckers. A bite is not only irksome and causes severe itching but may also be dangerous as ticks transmit diseases such as Lyme diseases, canine granulocytic ehrlichiosis, babesiosis or tick-borne encephalitis.

The most effective prevention from ticks is chemical substances available in pharmacies. Usually a few drops are put on the animal’s neck. These substances settle in the tissue of the animal and offer protection from ticks over several weeks. The disadvantage of these remedies is that they cause long-term irritations to the immune system and that they may lead to genetic changes. Thus, in many cases, humans may not touch the remedy.

Many dog owners who have already recognized the benefits of chemical- and additive-free, healthy nutrition also want to resort to natural ingredients and not chemical remedies in terms of protection from ticks.

Anifit offers such natural tick protection that usually prevents infestation by ticks or significantly reduces their number if used on a regular basis. You still have to check your animal on a daily basis after a walk in nature but there is no need to expose your pet to possible side effects of toxins.

The product “Ani-Zeck” only contains natural fats and essential oils and is free of chemical and natural toxins. Spraying your dog with Ani-Zeck helps to avoid or to reduce infestation by ticks even in highly infested areas. In addition, all types of Anifit wet food contain a pinch of garlic, thus providing the animal with further protection since the fine smell of garlic keeps ticks away. Humans don’t notice the smell.

Unit of sale:

Spray bottle with 20 ml + tick pliers + instruction manual
Refill bottle with 100 ml


Before going on a walk, the dog should be sprayed once with Ani-Zeck. Should the dog be spending the entire day outside, Ani-Zeck should be applied two to three times a day depending on the number of ticks in the area.

How to remove ticks:

After a walk in a potentially tick-infested area you should thoroughly search the coat of your dog for ticks. Ticks usually don’t start to suck blood and to salivate until about 20 to 24 hours after an attack. Only then are pathogens secreted. Thus the removal of a tick on the day of infestation prevents the results of an infection.

Should you find an attached tick, remove it with tick pliers or other suitable pliers with one smooth turning movement. In no case should you remove the tick with your fingers, since the head of the tick often remains stuck in the skin and the fluid contaminated with pathogens can be pressed into the bite wound. Anaesthetizing or killing a tick with oil, alcohol or similar substances is also more harm than help, the additional stress causes the tick to speed up its secretion.